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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Turkey Day

Well almost turkey day.  We're spending it at home just the two of us in jammies all day long watching parades, football, ect.  I'm cooking a turkey breast since it will be just us but sure would have liked to go out to dinner.  Less mess but Mark decided that he'd just like to stay in so I relented and agreed to cook just a little.  Donna next door even made us a lemon pie since she knows that Mark's a Pie Man and I hate making them.  LOL!

We finished decorating the bank today since it was kinda a slow day.  I hadn't planned on doing it today but we needed the guys to help us with the tree and it just snowballed from there.  You know the drill...maybe just put the lights on the tree...ok now let's just put the garland on....how about seeing if we need any more ornaments, ect....next thing I know, I'm standing in the middle of the lobby with glitter covering me head to foot and I'm balanced on a rickety kitchen chair trying to get the bow on the top.  Crazy!  Oh well, Friday we'll only have a handful of customers and even less employees working so now I can just relax and study for my insurance test.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it no matter what my web browser shows or the battery on my kindle  ;)

Not too much going on around here but Clarice has recovered completely.  She cost us a small fortune but she's none the worse for wear.  Last night I was trying to take a long extra hot bath in hopes of staving off a headache when she came running in, jumped from the floor up to the top of the shutters and brought them down on top of me.  Mark managed to secure them again by baling wire and duct tape which is what all tools a southern boy needs to fix anything.  They must be positioned just slightly different because she fell of them twice this morning when we were getting ready for work.  Sure wish that would be enough to keep her off them because I sure would love to re-do those curtains but refuse to do it as long as she's laying on them like a hammock.

We went to dinner tonight and I had a couple of really good margaritas so forgive me if this doesn't make too mush sense.  I'm off to take my sleeping pills and snuggle into the bed with my christmas magazines and kitty so sweet dreams to you all.   Happy Turkey Day!

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