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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Is this stealing?

I have a real serious question to pose to you.....is it stealing if you take something from a house that's been abandoned and is falling in on itself?  I have a long wish list of things Mark can make for me starting with a dough board for the stove so we went to several flea markets looking at old things that he can turn into something else.  We're looking for a large table that doesn't cost a small fortune that he can use....think cheap!  We drove home emptyhanded and by this old house that we pass almost daily when a lightbulb went on over my head...doesn't happen very often and is quite scary when it does happen!  LOL!  So I dropped him off at home and went to look at one last place when I decided what the hell I'll just swing by that house and see if there is any old wood I can repurpose.  I got about 10 boards and then decided to go home to get my work gloves and a pry bar.  When I got home, Mark said I was stealing and I just can't get that thought out of my mind.  I think I'm giving new life to something that is just sitting there rotting but his argument is that the house belongs to "somebody somewhere" so I'm stealing.  What do you think?  This is a really old farmhouse that seriously is collapsing in and did I mention it has some great doors and 2 old mantles just sitting there rotting away?  I love it and really don't think it's stealing but now he's got me thinking too much! So do you think it's stealing or bringing something back to life?  I'm really curious what everyone thinks about this matter.

On a different note Clarice has mastered the climb to the top of the christmas tree now.  I swear that by tomorrow she'll be knocking it over and stealing the star on top.  Mark's suppose to be looking at a way to secure it to the wall and I made sure to wrap all the ornament hooks around the branches so she can't knock them off.  But she's entranced by the extra large primitive candy canes and she wrestles them to the floor.  She's also discovered the Christopher Radko village and takes great pleasure in being Godzilla visiting the village!  She knocks all the brushbottle trees over and lays right in the middle of the village to survey her domain.  She's gonna be the death of me.  Let's see this time last year she weighed less than a pound and we had concerns that she wouldn't make it but now she terrorizes the rest of the house.  And truth be told, just allows Mark and I to live here with her because she really owns the house.

Alrighty, now I'm off to take my pills and dream about all the stuff I could make if Mark would just quit telling me that I'm stealing stuff.  Nighty Nite All.

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