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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hump day

Well another week is half over and I just took my Halloween stuff down last night!  That class last week really threw me for a loop and I really need some recovery time with a good smutty book, martini and a bath.  Oh wait, I forgot chocolate!  Dulbia was coming to clean the house today so I took down all my stuff and left the house a blank slate for her to clean.  The smell of lemon pledge, clean counters and freshly cleaned mirrors just make me smile like an idiot.  I love Dulbia and do a happy dance on the days that she's coming to the house.  I know that I fought Mark really hard on getting some help with the housework because frankly, I felt there are only 2 of us and it's kinda partly my duty as the woman to get the house cleaned but I'm so happy that he went behind my back and hired her.  This working 6 days a week thing is for the birds and I just couldn't keep everything up so now I get the fun part of playing  house and it gets really clean every other week.  I don't say this often but he was right and I was wrong.....don't you dare tell him I said that.  For his birthday one year he's only request was that for an entire day I say "Yes dear" and "You're right and I'm wrong" all day long.  Needless to say that wish didn't come true and has about as much of a chance of me wearing a cheerleader uniform for him.  Bet that's a mental picture that you didn't need, huh! 

I'm off work tomorrow and I should be studying for my exam but instead I'm getting my hair done, meeting the carpet cleaners and decorating for Christmas.  I know it's too early but we don't have any family coming for Thanksgiving so I'm gonna just skip fall stuff this year.  Hey, next year when I pull it all out it'll all be new to me.  My memory suxs and I suffer from CRS!  This is how bad it is....I bought the exact same book 3 times before I realized I had already read it.  Mark will never let me forget it either.

I'm excited about getting my christmas stuff out and sorting thru more junk.  I did a pretty good job with halloween and weeding out things that just didn't suit my style.  I even sold most of it on ebay and made $100 so now on to christmas stuff.  I have a hard time separating the memories from the things so I can sell them but I'm kinda on a roll now so hopefully it'll be easy.  I cleaned my craft area on Sunday and found 3 sets of silver that Mark's mom gave me when we got married.  Now we've never used it just moved it from house to house so I thought I'd do a little research to see if it's worth anything or not.  I found one set is quite good so I'm gonna clean it up and sell it.  The teaspoons are selling for $30 each and I have a place settings for 12!  Wahoo more cash in my Bon Jovi fund.

Speaking of Bon Jovi, the newest cd came out yesterday and it's great.  It's got all the hits and 4 new songs which I love already.  They did a 1 night movie that was played on Monday so of course I went.  Maria and I just planned a girls night of laughing, catching up, eating and best of all singing along to our fave band.  The movie was really a concert that they did in Giants stadium last year and Maria and I wanted to go but couldn't so this was almost the next best thing.  I'm sure the dvd will be released in time for christmas since Jon is such a marketing guru and I'm sure his kids need new shoes so he won't miss the chance to sell it. 

I made the banner on the fireplace with scrapbook paper, newspaper and a pre-printed Happy Halloween scrapbook set.

Kitchen China Cabinet

Luv,Luv the peel and stick Haunted words and bats. I also got hooked this year on making little ruffled skirts for all my candle lights by sewing on crepe paper

My newest display and runner


Entry Hall
Well that's about all the news so have a great week and I'll see if I can't attach a couple of halloween shots to this post.

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