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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Insurance License Hellweek

OMG!  I'm gonna lose my freakin' mind before this is all done.  I swear I didn't know there were so many types of policies and I think I could have blissfully lived my life without knowing it too!  I think my head my explode before I finish this class not to mention actually taking the test.  When did bankers become insurance "producers"?  To quote Cher... If I Could Turn Back Time...I'd find a way to strangle the first banker that thought this was a good idea.  Or let's be really honest, If I Could Turn Back Time, I'd have the body of a 20 year old  :)  Seriously, 45 years old women don't comprehend all this stuff in 4 days of sitting in class from 8-6 with only 2 ten minute breaks and a hour for lunch!  Doesn't this guy know that after 1 1/2 hours all I can think about is my full bladder and I shouldn't have drank that bottle of water?  Hello????  See all of us 'just older"women fidgeting in our chairs and announce a potty break.  I'm really dreading taking this test and I swear the more practice tests I take online the worse my scores get.  Trust me if I'd had really any choice in pursuing this I wouldn't be sitting there trying to learn about insurance.  I guess I should consider myself lucky because they started the next round of layoffs yesterday and I haven't gotten a phone call to report to headquarters yet.  My heart really goes out to all these people because they have truly given blood, sweat and tears but we're part of a larger business now and it's streamlined.  We lost couriers, proof operators, bookkeeping, human resources, accts payable, loan processors, collections, ect....you get the idea...if you weren't frontline employees then it's all handled in Mississippi so we don't need GA folks.  We all knew it had to happen but thought most everyone would be spared until after conversion which is set for Mid January as of this moment.  I just got a text from corporate telling us that 41 people were let go today and that would have been just a little under half of the entire staff.  Wow!

Ok enough negative, I started ebaying again and happy to report that I made $109 last week.  I even managed to pick up a few items at goodwill for re-sale and they are already sold.  I scored Hallmark ornaments still in original boxes from late 90's and only paid $1.50 for them which I promptly turned into $25...i love it!  I got a few items that I'm primming up and then they'll be off to new homes unless I decide that I just can't part with them.  Mark keeps reminding me that I'm doing this to clear stash not drag more into the house.

Not too much stitching going on because of the long days, nites of studying and then collapsing into bed because I have to get up at 5:00 to start my day all over again.  Atlanta traffic suxs!  I'm leaving the house at 6:00 because class starts at 8:00 and if you are late, he sends you home and you'll have to take that morning's session at a another time.  Now, I'm not headed back down another negative rant so I'll tell you that I finished Trix or Trick from Blackbird Designs over the weekend.  It looks great if I do say so myself.  I started The Primitive Needles halloween design in the Just Cross Stitch mag from a couple of years back.  I know, I know...I'm obsessed with halloween but I just can't help it.

Speaking of Halloween, we had over 300 Trick or Treaters Sunday night!  I made treat bags as did Donna next door and they were all gone by 8:30.  The guys set up a firepit, I put out homemade goodies and guys put out a mini keg of beer which attracted the adults to the house in droves.  Yes, we checked ids.....as I roll my eyes at all you grownups thinking that I'd give beer to minors.  I found the greatest napkins that had a woman drinking a martini saying "Yes, you are so scary now get off my property so I can enjoy my drink"  too perfect for me to resist.  I want to know what is with kids ringing the doorbell after you turned off all the outside lights!  Were they raised by wolves and don't know any better?  We finally turned off all the inside lights as well and snuck around the house until after 10:00.  Ever try to sort laundry in the dark?  It ain't easy. My granny is rolling over in her grave thinking I've been married way to long if all I'm doing is laundry with the lights out.  She was quite a gal.

On that note, I'm off to cuddle my kitty, kiss my hubby and take my sleeping pills.  Hope everyone has a great week and remember only 2 more working days this week!


  1. Conversely, I'd like to strangle the guy who decided that it was a good idea for insurance companies to sell bank products. IRAs and annuities were bad enough, but loans???? Please! We don't even get decent training on the insurance crap, how do they expect us to push bank too? Rant over.

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