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Monday, July 9, 2012

In Two Weeks at this time, I'll be living in Germany

Wow!  It just doesn't seem real until I start looking around the house for something and realize that it's already packed.  We finished packing the shipping crate last night so it's off to the airport this morning.  Mark had been saying 5 boxes, 2 suitcases and 1 cat is all we were taking but he figured out that it was cheaper to ship a crate over instead of paying airline baggage fees for the 5 boxes.  Now don't get me wrong it was still only 6 14 inch cube boxes, 2 smaller flat boxes of his boss's and his work type books but I was able to sneak in my awesome antique pot  rack.  I bought it from a gal on Craigs List for $25 and it's just so cool and will be perfect over there since cupboard space is very limited.  Mark said it looked like a torture device but I think it was one of my greatest finds.  So what else is in my boxes you ask....

Family size tea bags-we southerners must have our iced tea
Corn Meal and my Granny's iron cornbread skillet-again it's a southern thing
Peanut Butter-remember they eat Nutella
Washcloths because they don't have any over there...yucky!
Sheets and Quilt for our bed which we don't have
A few antique baskets to hold smalls
Cross Stitch Supplies including all my threads, Blackbird Designs and linen
Power Converters
Tie Hangers
All my A Primitive Place magazines along with prim and flea market find books
Any Misc Decor Items that I wasn't currently using or just couldn't bear to leave
and so, so much more

As you can see it's quite a diverse, eclectic collection of nothing but it filled the shipping crate full! 

We have finally decided that my folks are taking the boys.  This has been a very emotional decision but I know this is the best scenario for them right now.  My folks are both very allergic to cats but they know that my boys are my kids so they are willing to endure some discomfort to take care of them.  Mom has promised to put on rubber gloves and go pet them every day but I reminded her it was really a respirator that she would need to do that with.  Donna Davis is flying there next Monday with me so we can get them established before Mark and I leave that Sunday.  My folks have a great "little house" in the backyard and we'll install a kitty door for them so they can get out of the weather.  They will probably adjust faster than I will to the changes.  Mark and I have worn old tshirts all weekend long so we can make bedding for them and they'll still have our scent.  It's just breaking my heart to leave them but I know they will be well cared for.

Speaking of Donna Davis, we went to see Magic Mike yesterday afternoon.  I loved every minute of it and would see it again in a heartbeat but if sex, nudity or anything like that bothers you then Don't Go See The Movie!  We were looking around the place as the lights went up and there were 2 husbands there with wives and they looked very uncomfortable.  It's really a girlfriend movie not a date movie. 

Ok off to clean the upstairs really good since I'm gonna be gone 2 nights next week I really only have this week to finish up all my stuff.

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  1. I can't believe it's to weeks till moving day! I'm sorry you are so worried about the kittens. I hope all goes well there.
    Very impressive list there. What do you mean they don't have washclothes? Ewwwww!


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