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Friday, July 20, 2012

Leaving on a Jet Plane, Don't Know When I'll Be Back Again

I absolutely loved that song growing up and every time I get ready for a trip I have to walk around singing it much to Mark's dismay.  I think I could have been an amazing singer or at least looked really good on stage...LOL!  And then I'm reminded that as teenagers Dana, Kathie (The other DMQs) and myself named ourselves  The Spinning Heads so we already had a band name just too bad none of us could carry a tune!  But damn we would have looked awesome on stage!!!!! 

The transfer of the boys to my folks went very smoothly.  They seem to be adjusting to their new home probably faster than I am adjusting to them being gone.   I keep looking out the windows and back door for them then realizing that they are gone which makes me cry all over again.  Donna Davis and I had to remove them from the carriers, carry them thru the metal detectors, then hold them while our hands were swabbed to test for bomb materials.  Now these kitties weren't drugged but I had put harnesses and leashes on them but it still was a crap shoot if they'd tried to bolt.  Lucky for us, they didn't even try just laid there and they never made a sound the entire trip even when we got delayed for over 2 hours.  They are such good boys and I know my folks will enjoy them.  We got the "little house" all set up for them and I wrote a manual about taking care of them for mom. 

My grandmother is not doing well so my daddy is back in Louisiana trying to get some stuff done.  They officially moved her into a nursing home last week but she was admitted back to the hospital yesterday.  She is talking out of her head and seeing things again so they had to admit her.  She's 92 years old so you'd expect some dissociation but this is much worse according to daddy.  I don't know what's worse your mind failing but your body strong or your body failing but your mind's strong?  Either way it's sad!

We are leaving on Sunday so I'm off to clean the house one last time, start packing my clothes and run all those 500 million errands that must be done by tomorrow.  I'll be back in a few weeks to fill ya in on how the move is going, how Miss Clarice did at the airport and how she's doing at the hotel.

Habt einen guten Tag (Have a good day)

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  1. Safe travels. I almost have butterflies in my tummy for you!

    Looking forward to hearing from you again soon.



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