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Friday, July 13, 2012

Time is flying by too fast!

We leave a week from Sunday to begin our German adventure aka life resumes!  I've been struggling quite a bit this week as I realize just how much stuff there is still to get done and the decision to take the boys to Arkansas to live.  I know they will be loved, well cared for but still it breaks my heart.  They've been with us since they were babies and it just hurts to think I won't see them every day.  But the great news is that Ninny and Pappa will be spoiling them and telling us the tales.

I had to take Hubert to get his shots yesterday and to pick up Clarice's good health letter so she can be admitted into Germany.  Guess what?  The vet saw her July 30 but wouldn't issue the letter until she saw her again yesterday in person.  You've got to be kidding me?  So another trip home to drop off Hubert, grab Clarice and another $50 vet visit before she'd sign the damn papers.  Then off to Fed Ex to send it all to USDA along with another $36 check to get her certificate.  What a freaking ripoff!  So that's 2 sets of shots this year, 1 microchip, 4 vet visits and fed ex fees later before we even get to apply for the certificate.  Keep your fingers crossed that everything is filled out right and we get it back Monday!  I swear it's costing more for Clarice to go over than it is for me!

The shipping crate went out Wednesday and should arrive on Tuesday at Mark's office.  That is unless it gets delayed in customs because they don't like the look of it....not to mention that I have some food in the boxes.  It's nothing that can't be taken into the country because I doubled and triple checked that list before I packed it.  There are no firearms, liquor, drugs or cigarettes which are all strictly forbidden!!!!!!  But there are pecans, peanut butter, chocolate chips and corn meal which are all requirements in any US kitchen.  LOL!

Well the telephone guy just left from switching us back to AT&T since we are cancelling cable and Internet we lost the "bundle" price so it didn't make sense to keep just telephone with Comcast.  Luckily for us the phone number stayed the same just a flip of the switch and he was done.  Wish everything was that easy on this move.

Well off to balance the 4 checking accounts now, try to get a couple closed and the other 500 million things on my list today.  I will say not having a car now really bites!  I didn't think that I'd miss it at all but dang, there is only so much I can get done at home on the telephone.  Besides a gal needs to go shopping every now and then!

Hope everyone has a nice weekend and I'll catch up with ya next week!

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