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Monday, July 16, 2012

We're off to Ninny and Pappa's house

Clarice is a little miffed that she's not going to see Ninny and Pappa so she just climbed right in the carrier to try and stow away.

I swear Hubert is smiling because Clarice doesn't get to go to Ninny and Pappa's house

And Gizmo just wants a couple more belly rubs before we head out.

I'm still just about in tears and fighting a headache which will come as no surprise to any one!!!! Stress, lack of sleep and not eating trigger them every time and gee, imagine my week ahead and you'll see that I'm due a real doozy of one!!!!!  I fly out this afternoon with Donna Davis, who is just the best friend ever because she's taking vacation days to go home to Arkansas with me to deliver the boys.  I'm still shocked that she wants to do this with me and actually she wanted us to road trip it but after I mentioned it was a 14 hour drive, she changed her mind.  I'll be in Arkansas until Wednesday night then home to finish up all those last minute details before we leave for Germany on Sunday.  Say a little prayer that I don't completely lose my mind this week.

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  1. Aww..I feel bad for the stress you are going through. Deep breaths my friend!

    ...and eat something!!



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